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Get Your Registration Number Here

Are you a Tiger Tots or TAS Family?
At least one of your children has been accepted and will attend TAS or Tiger Tots Preschool (Tigger’s, 2’s~5’s classes) in the coming semester.

Please note that if a TT/TAS registration number is taken by non TT/TAS family, the number is invalid.

** Please note that you MUST enter you/your child's FIRST & LAST NAME and a COMPLETE PHONE NUMBER, or you will not be able to proceed. **

Current Taipei Time : 2017/04/26-
TT and TAS On-Line Service :   2017/05/01-10:00 to 2017/05/01-16:00
All Members On-Line Service :   2017/05/08-10:00 to 2017/05/08-16:00

Our On-line Registration Number Process:
To better serve our members and eliminate early morning line-ups, we have implemented this "Get your Registration number on-line" service.

Using this service and web page, current and new members wishing to sign up for new activities should come HERE on the specified days below to get a number/appointment time. That time will inform you, our member, when to come to the office to sign up for activities that are still available at that time.

Please note that only one number is needed per family.

Please see below for these Taipei, Taiwan times:

May 1 (Mon): 10:00am "Get your Registration Number on-line" for Tiger Tots Pre-school & TAS Families - Appointment times will begin on Tuesday, May 2

May 8 (Mon): 10:00am "Get your Registration Number on-line" for all members - Appointment times will begin on Tuesday, May 9.

Please also familiarize yourself with the "Program List" menu link above, which lists our available activities.

While you cannot view subsequent registration Menu screens until registration time, we can provide you with sample screen shots of how they will appear. You can see them here.


Using a hand-held, wi-fi device: While during previous registration periods this page has been shown to work on hand held internet devices (phones, ipads, etc), be careful; those screens can be quite small, you can miss seeing something, or mis-type something. And some of these 'non-computer' devices and its software occasionally interact differently and inexplicably with the internet. AND you will want to make sure your wi-fi connection is strong and reliable ... our web site will be up and running; if you can't connect, it's likely due to a poor connection to your carrier.

Ideally, you'll be doing this from a 'traditional' computer to help ensure you don't run into these possible problems.

If you have any questions or problems, give us a call at 2873-1815.

While you cannot access the subsequent registration pages at this time, you can view screen shots of a sample here. In any event, don't get too bogged down with this. Simply follow the instructions above and in the web pages at the time of registration, and you shouldn't have any problem receiving your appointment number.